In today’s competitive market, your résumé is likely to be the first exposure a hiring manager has to your skills, abilities and experience. It is important to make that first impression as dynamic -- and relevant -- as possible. That’s what Career Keys to Open Doors will do for you. And once you get that interview, we can help you prepare the most powerful presentation of your talent and success.

A well-crafted résumé makes the job of a hiring manager easier because your qualifications are immediately visible. That can be significant if yours is one of dozens of documents the manager, or the recruiting team, must review to select candidates.

Whether an individual seeking personal assistance, or an organization that wants, through customized workshops, to provide employees an important tool for internal jobs searches, Career Keys to Open Doors will help.

PLEASE NOTE: Career Keys to Open Doors is on sabattical April 1-July 4, 2014. If you need career help please contact:

Gala Jackson: Interview Snob (resumes,too) www.interviewsnob.com

Melanie Lenci: Resume Relief http://resumerelief.com/services.html